Bad news! You are losing your memory

That particular topic could be quite trivial for some of the engineers who deliver java applications as docker containers, but… If you’ve never cared about that particular thing, you’d better do it. Overwise, you will be losing a lot of memory in the container as unused. As usual the pet project for the investigation could be found here. Application for testing First, I will create a simple application exposing controller for triggering the needed load inside the application to boost the heap rise.

Searching data from DynamoDB using Amazon Kinesis streams

This is a second part of the previous writing about the option for streaming data from Amazon DynamoDb to other services. I wasn’t aware of all options of Amazon Kinesis family services when was writing the first part. But during preparation, I noticed that this is a good alternative to the old school AWS Lambda processing, which I described in the¬†first part. Well, what’s so interesting in this alternative is that you don’t need to bother about the connectivity to your¬†Amazon ES from Lambda code, which was quite a tricky place, to be honest.

Searching data from DynamoDB in three simple steps

It’s well known that DynamoDB works well for lookup queries. But if you need to run heavy, analytical queries against the data in the DynamoDB table, you would need to use other tools for indexing data. One of the solutions you can come across in the AWS documentation and AWS blog posts is to use DynamoDB streams to load data to the AWS ElasticSearch service for indexing and providing a reacher search possibilities to users.

Four cool things about Spring Actuator

I am going to quickly show some cool things, which could be done almost out of the box by means of Spring Actuator module. I selected just 4 cool features, but there are of course more. Before getting started with cool things, I must warn you that big power brings also high responsibility. Don’t forget to check the security part of actuator documentation before delivering a solution to production.

Spring functional endpoints to rescue you

Not so many people, using Spring MVC consider or even know the alternative way of describing the controllers (or better say handlers) in the project. I would like just quickly show how nice and concise could be this approach, and also, what is not less important, fun. This is the main reason why we all are here, right? Spring CLI To show something, we need this “something”. Let’s quickly create the simple, sample MVC project in Spring.