Spring conversion: converters and formatters, part 2.

This is a continuing of the previous reading about the core functionality of the Spring Framework provided for types conversion. Here we’ll take a look at the concepts of Converters and Formatters. Short reminding - the project serving as a victim for the conversion executions could be found here. Converter<,> The Converter concept is a more general one, it allows you to convert data between any two types. This means that you can use not only for the web-layer for converting from String but some more general conversion logic.

Spring conversion basics everyone should know

There are some basics that usually allow you to handle a bit more complicated abstractions on top of them. I think, in the case of Spring - the type conversions is one of such topics. I tried to structure a bit what Spring has and how we can use it in our applications. The reading may be more useful to the beginning developers with Spring, but I hope the experienced developers might find something interesting in it.

CodeBuild Going Out

An interesting question came to my mind when I was playing around with AWS Autoscaling group setup. What is actually a better, most elegant way to deploy apps in your EC2 instances, especially in the AWS autoscaling group? To be honest, I don’t know the right question, but the alternative way of doing that to just pulling it from S3 in user data I know for sure now. I am going to use the CI tools provided by AWS: CodeBuild and CodeDeploy.

How EC2-man saved the load

Well, I am pretty sure, that everyone who touched the AWS at least once, heard about the main service, which Amazon provides. I mean Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. It comes with a very cool feature, which allows you to handle a peak load and at the same time absence of load too, adjusting capacity of resources and saving money in the end. I realized that I have never tried to set up this architecture myself and test how it actually works.

Micronaut VS pure groovy AWS Lambdas

“Have you seen this new serverless framework - Micronaut?” - said once my colleague. “Yea, but this is just a framework, it is not quicker than writing pure light function if in the same Groovy language.” - responded I. “Yes, but it uses AST transformation and a lot of things moved to the compile time.” - he said. This conversation was the source of the idea to compare two simple AWS Lambdas: written as a groovy class and the groovy function in Micronaut.