Micronaut VS pure groovy AWS Lambdas

“Have you seen this new serverless framework - Micronaut?” - said once my colleague. “Yea, but this is just a framework, it is not quicker than writing pure light function if in the same Groovy language.” - responded I. “Yes, but it uses AST transformation and a lot of things moved to the compile time.” - he said. This conversation was the source of the idea to compare two simple AWS Lambdas: written as a groovy class and the groovy function in Micronaut.

Amazon DynamoDB local instance tutorial

Let’s take a look how neat and nice could be code for persisting in Amazon’s DynamoDB service using Spring data dynamodb project. Speaking of aws dynamodb, you can’t avoid to use local version of dynamodb during development cycle. So, we slightly touch this option in this tutorial. tip DynamoDb is a NoSQL highly scalable database from Amazon Web Services. The full example code of the tutorial could be found on github.

Amazon Api Gateway Stage Variables

As you probably know, the Amazon API Gateway could be a good replacement for the old-fashioned web application. Image from Amazon doc. This is a short example showing the API Gateway stage variables usage. This is not a deep documentation of the entire functional, which provides AWS API Gateway, but just one of many examples of particular feature. If you don’t want to complete manually the steps from this tutorial, you can just clone the already finished example from here: